My petition to “Re-regulate” the media

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This is a petition that I want to first put up on and then on up the chain from there. Before I do it I want to run it past you guys… Please, let me know what you think of this. Please feel free to share what you think should be added or  what you think could be removed… As you may know, I believe that taking back the media (which is ours by charter) is the best way to move forward on issues…. A movement of this very nature happened in the early 80’s verses the “Bell companies” and it worked for a time! Sadly all of the gains that were made have been lost and we find ourselves worse off now because of leaving a job half done. I say we restart the movement, finish it this time and save our society… Your feedback (constructive/negative/positive) is highly appreciated!!!
These links can help clarify the situation.
Summary and Argument (Look at the argument – does it look familiar?)

For a better America we must re-regulate the media.

Everyone complains about how the media is crass and degenerating. Everyone complains about how corporatized our society is and how it’s getting worse everyday. Everyone seems to notices how the little guy has NO voice, is squeezed out of the equation and is made to shoulder the burden. Nobody seems to be a fan of our corporate government, the vagueness of our news media or the hiding of stories and issues that would otherwise galvanize us. Everyone IS tired of the spin.

The answer that I have found is far simpler than you might believe. Just sign this petition and pass it along.

All we need to do is take away their mouth piece and that takes away their power! They did it to us with deregulation and WE can do it to them with RE-regulation that will take the power back!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC is the Federal agency tasked with ensuring that Radio and broadcast Television stations are “serving the public interest, convenience and necessity.”

There is no valid or legitimate argument against Re-regulation…”. With the expansion of the internet and digital media outlets why not have more local station ownership. It breeds competition, which means the local consumer (the little guy) wins. It brings back local shops and jobs, better goods & services and it also forces big corporations to spend money in smaller communities. Local independent media IS the key to fixing all of the problems that plague our world.

You want an open debate? Then you have to re-regulate! National spin cannot survive on local independent airwaves!


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Soldier Down… Saying goodbye to so called “Progressive Radio”

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If you didn’t know this is a sad day for radio… Randi Rhodes is calling it a career and I totally feel her pain. It’s always said that progressive radio cannot work and the flop that was AirAmerica proves it… Well let me tell you that, that premise is an outright LIE! Progressive radio was hijacked by everyone along the way – even today when you look at what passes for the format! It should have been about discovering and discussing ideas with a chance at uncovering answers along the way… Instead it became a stepping stone and a propaganda tool for the self-indulgent rich that wanted to be marketed differently to the masses. They know, that you know that something is very wrong with the system,,, so they created a voice that was totally beholden to themselves in order to give YOU the illusion of a debate.

Randi Rhodes

I have to be honest; I haven’t listened to the format in quite some time. Maybe it’s because progressive radio then and now only wants to be a place that rich non-brown people go to get their “hood pass” validated or it’s a safe place to go to have a good cry with a nice reassuring pat on the back for the troubles they’ve seen.

 In the case of our local “progressive” voice – it’s no wonder its ratings are the worst in Chicago radio… It is hard to believe with such strong programming as “constant gaps of silence”, “commercial glitches” and mega rich lawyers championing everything EXCEPT anything that substantively empowers women, blacks or Latinos… Randi leaves an arena that supplies ample fart jokes, cable news propaganda and sex organ shaped sippy cups…

 It was a great thing that could have been and knowing that Randi has finally had enough of the game really says a lot because she IS a true believer and a warrior.

 I am grateful, honored and lucky that I got the chance to be part of the AirAmerica brand back in 2004. I WAS THERE WHEN IT STARTED AND PHYSICALLY TOSSED OUT ONTO THE CORNERS OF FAIRBANKS AND OHIO ON ITS FINAL CHICAGO BROADCAST THE NIGHT OF APRIL 27 2004.

 The coolest thing about being there was knowing that this could have been the start of something that was greatly needed AND that the personalities (outside of Randi Rhodes) were all pretty much rank amateurs. It gave a tangible path and it was refreshing to hear a point of view on the radio that wasn’t coming from the corporate polished elite. I knew within my first couple of shifts that I would one day have a show AND on that show I would try to do some of the same things as the “Morning Sedition”, “The Young Turks”, “Unfiltered with Chuck D” or “Randi Rhodes” …

 When the brass at AAR asked me what shift I wanted to tech, I requested and got the midday shift so I could work Randi’s show specifically. I drew a lot of inspiration from her as she was refreshingly hostile, unapologetic and confrontational. She believed what she believed and made you do homework to dispute her points. I was hooked!

 After the demise of AirAmerica I went on to other pursuits but I followed her (as a listener) all the way to WCPT and that led directly to finding and taking a position at the station. Shortly thereafter the PTB’s blacklisted her for all the things that made her great! As Randi states in the attached article “it was the worse of times and the best of times”.

 Randi has been buried by the Powers for the last decade or so but just knowing that she was out there broadcasting was reassuring. It says a lot about where we are that she has decided to pull her own plug. It says even more that she had to wait until she was completely autonomous before naming names. Sometimes I feel guilty that I just don’t spill my guts about all that I know to be true – BUT I also know that I have to keep working so my children can have some security. The broadcasters that truly and genuinely care can only drop hints and hope that YOU the public hear and act on what we are trying to convey… This war isn’t even close to over, we are losing and we are another soldier down. Randi you’ll be missed and thank you for everything!

P.S. I saved this audio, it’s funny that it was almost exactly 10 years ago…


For insights click here!

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The lesson here is “hide it better”

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Someone just ask my opinion on the racist remarks by Clippers owner Donald Sterling and my response went a little something like this “So What!?!” They, like you may be a bit shocked by my response but let me explain.

A gold-digging woman secretly records a rich elitist while he’s chastising her for being a social media whore. Yeah, he’s a racist. Yeah he’s an NBA owner but with unemployment still soaring, government & corporate corruption running wild, Americans still living in tent cities and the over sexualization of our kids I don’t consider it newsworthy to be informed about a thing of this nature. Maybe I’d actually be shocked if I heard a conversation (A REAL, NON-STAGED CONVERSATION – and NO I wouldn’t trust that either because my cynicism is well earned) of rich power elitist acting like a good human beings… Hell the NAACP gave Donald Sterling a lifetime achievement award back in 2009 and was just about to give him another in the coming days. Two lifetime achievement awards in 5 years, why? Because of money donated (corruption)… This story isn’t about racism, it’s about an invisible system used to divide, conquer and control us all…

Instances like these in our reactionary OMG culture are used to force all forms of very serious topics further into the darkness and out of the realm of repairable conversation. When a person feels able to tell you what’s real to them, it then opens the door to express what’s real to you and everyone grows a bit in that environment.

Now, I don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be lectured to death by people that hate me – lol, but humans do tend to listen if they feel they are being heard. Whenever I hear “I hate (insert group) because of this/that and the other thing” I know I’m about to learn something interesting about my fellow man and about myself. You can’t attempt to fix a problem if you don’t fully understand what ALL the issues are…

All of this leads back to my response of, “So what”. Stories like these only serve as distractions, a circus of pseudo moral outrage and denial. It only confirms what we already knew about the world that we live in. It gives US a new face to vilify and it gives THEM an old face to hide behind. The only lesson that will be taken away from this by anyone with an ax to grind is to be aware of cameras and microphones when you speak your heart, don’t mess with no gold-diggas’  and stay as far away as you can from any truth, even your own…

NYTimes Article 


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Goodbye Windows XP

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FYI, windows 7 is expensive and has to be bought separately now (but I do like it),,, windows 8 is awful,,, windows 9 is on the horizon and promises to be gone as soon as microsoft can develop some new way to invade your privacy and force you into another pc purchase… Windows XP had a great run of nearly 14 years, which in our current “disposable era equals a gajillion years,,, And because of the Mac model that trains consumers into buying expensive gadgets annually microsoft simply has to keep up… Think about it,,, It’s a sad state for the tech giant,,, 14 years of relative stability IS 14 years of lost revenue so guess what’s coming? Yup you got it!!! Welcome home “instability”… Time to try linux…

Goodbye XP


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The money didn’t evaporate…

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Think about this whenever the media starts to tell you about how “global this” and “entitled that” are the reasons the economy is not as it should be… It IS A LIE!!! There is no money in the economy because they are hoarding all the money at the top. They are hoarding it and sucking the money, life and dreams out of everyone… How much are the hoarding? There is a number, and it is $1,265,836,000,000.



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